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    XML import vs other solutions


      Been away from Adobe products for years but for one own personal project digging into Indesing CS6 now, trying to learn it again (I've been involved in launching first version ages ago into Finnish market), in relatively terms as never really used it. Anyway, enough blah-blah-blah


      I'm having a project where I have texts coming out from database, nothing really structured. Basically ID's Tagged Text is enough for creating a nice looking document automatically. Only problem are images..


      I need to use icons and images randomly, some outside the body text (in a margin), some inside a text. Some images are used multiple times in different places, some just once. And unfortunately Tagged Text does not support images (as I think I could manage the placing quite nicely with Object Styles. But those damn images cannot be automatically placed onto a page via Tagged Text..


      So, been wondering if XML workflow would be the solution but how well location of images can be managed via XML/XLS/XLTS/DDT/ATLAs? (ATLA = another three letter acronym)


      Or is there any other solutions? I guess something like EM's XTag would work quite nicely but for this (my personal) project I am not willing to shell out 400 especially as DB guys can do it for me "free"..


      Anyone having any pointers to where to look for a solution? Beers on me ..