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    Exported clip issue


      I'm having an issue with my Speedgrade exports. If I use one of the preset exports in Speedgrade (like the prores 4:4:4) my exported clip is fine. All my color corrections and gradings are there. If I create a custom setting, like a H.264 one, after I export and playback the exported clip - none of my color correction or grading is there. It's like I just exported the raw files.


      I've search everywhere online to find tutorials about exporting from Speedgrade and can't find any decent ones that go through the process indepth. I've search google and this forum and haven't found any similar issues so it sounds more like a "user error" than some sort of bug. Granted I'm new to CS6, coming from FCP, so I'm trying to play catch up reading and watching as many tutorials online as I can.


      I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Built-in presets work fine. All my changes are present in the exported clip. If I want a different output (say H.264 or Prores LT) my exported clip has no Speedgrade changes. What am I doing wrong?


      I'm working on a demo reel so I have various formats in the PPro timeline. In PPro I used > Export to Speedgrade setting and I'm running CS6 off a 2009 iMac. Any help would be much appreciated.

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          DuyAnhPham Adobe Employee

          Hey joe,


          please make sure to check the 'enable grading' in the timeline setup panel.


          if you use custom preset, you dont see any grading effect at all in the render result?? (please recheck and do a extreme grading, re-render)


          A very light/soft grading + qt gamma shift can look odd.


          did you check the 'automatic color calibration' box in the output panel?



          let me know if that helps.






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            cinemajoe Level 1

            Thanks for responsing Duy-Anh.


            The box is checked for 'enable grading'.


            What does the 'automatic color calibration' do? That is not checked.



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              cinemajoe Level 1

              I still don't see any grading effects in the rendered results. I have to use Prores 4444 than transcode that to the desired specs. I'd much rather do it out of the program instead. I've current in the program release so I don't know why I'm having this issue.

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                DuyAnhPham Adobe Employee

                Rendering to Quicktime (h264... etc) will result in a gamma shift. The 'automatic color ....' will compare input and output and apply a correction lut.


                Sounds really odd.


                did you test the "extreme" scenario I suggested you above? can you try rendering to other formats like dpx? You can also attach some screenshots, that would be very helpful (Monitor - Look applied, Output Panel and Result)






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                  cinemajoe Level 1

                  I will get you those screen shots hopefully by tomorrow. Thanks.

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                    . i have the same problem with speed grade ...i have imported canon 5d footage with cinestyle picture style...in osx preview or quicktime looks like in camera very flat but after import in speed grade it looks like standard picture style ...i tried to calibrate with default color profile from my macbook pro (after conversion from icc/icm to cube file with DispcalGUI as Alex Meija..described here ) but nothing happen when i select the cube profile in calibration..i think this is a bug inside Speed Grade i can't use it...i m back to colorista ii in AE..

                    the single profile in calibration that looks nearly like original footage is when i select gamma 1.8 but is not ok

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                      I got the same Problem! When I export a file to H264 it looks like the original clip. Also the looks are not working any more...