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    Is there a way to have the submit button send a flattened PDF document?

    Trina_Kat Level 1

      I have created a submit button on my form that once the user selects the submit button, it automatically opens an email addressed to the right person with the pdf form attached.


      Right now, the PDF that is being sent is the filled out form that is still editable.


      Is there a way to chage this so that when the form is attached, it becomes a flattened version of the document that is no longer editable by the recieving party?


      I am currently using the simple formula




          cSubject:"Final Inspection Report",

          cMsg: "Attached is the a copy of the Final Inspection Report for your review."



      This button currently works on my IPAD using the PDF Expert App, but also does not flatten the document.


      Thanks for your help.

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Acrobat can flatten, but to do it automatically you'd have to use JavaScript, but it won't work with Adobe Reader or other PDF viewers that don't support the flattenPages method. Another approach is to apply a digital signature that locks the form, but this won't work with PDF Expert. If the form needs to work with Reader or other JavaScript-capable viewers, you can simply set the fields to read-only before submitting. This will work with PDF Expert, which also has a feature that flattens before sending, but this isn't available with the mailDoc or submitForm methods.