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    How can I automate this? Dynamic text and images to import into a template.


      Hi - totally new to inDesign scripting and a little confused with half of the general lingo revolving around inDesign.


      My background : Web Developer, proficient in javascript, all thumbs with most things design centric.


      My problem: We have a database that stores the text and location of images that we want to use to populate an InDesign file/template with so it can be saved to PDF - verified - then sent to another branch of the company that deals with the print publishing.


      I have written - for another project - a service that allows users to retrieve data based on an identifier and populate HTML templates used for email. I'd like to think that since I already have a service that returns a series of information in JSON that half the battle is done.  Where I'm stuck is HOW to get this into InDesign - the InDesign template is relatively simple and once finalized is not likely to change. It's essentially a grid for photos and text - but I need to be able to progamatically dictate which photos and text are pushed into the template.


      The information I retrieve is the copy we want to use, and a path to the image (relative to our webserver, but if necessary I can pull a network path). I guess the main sticking point is how do I get this data into InDesign. Can I use something like XHR to make a call to the service for data? I'm working closely with the designer(s) but these sort of questions are outside their knowledge.


      Any pointers to a good starting point in achieving this would be amazing - I currently have InDesign 5 available to me, but could move to another version if neccessary.


      Totally appreciative in advance - trying to wrap my head around this.