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    Indirect references?


      I'm trying to build a context sensitive help file for an older program, that I can't modify.  The original help file was in a single page, so all the references from the program are in the form "MyProject.chm::/MyProject.htm#BookmarkName". 


      I need to add files to the project, but use the same old links to the bookmarks that are now seperate files.  Is there a way to do this?


      What I've tried:

      I've created a test project to try to figure this out called "Colors".  Under project files I have Colors.htm and a folder called Primary with Yellow.htm, Red.htm and Blue.htm.  I've created a map file and alias file, both are populated.


      When trying to open link directly to "Colors" I can use the link



      When trying to open link directly to "Blue" I can use the link



      I need to be able to reference the blue link from something similar to



      I think I can replace the # with any static string I want, but the rest is automatically generated by the program based on what control a person is within at the time.