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    Unwanted Puppet in First few seconds of video - how do I remove it, please?

    angelalien548 Level 1

      I created 100 duplicate psd files (all single layer - layer 0, unlocked from photoshop) and have used them to create a 10 fps video clip in After Effects v7 (pro version), and when I run this video clip in after effects, that puppet (that "practice person" I was trying to animate) appeared in the first few seconds of the video clip, then the puppet suddenly disappears. I had forgotten to delete that puppet last night from that single image (a psd file) before using this file to create the 99 duplicate psd files, do I have to create these 100 files all over again without that single puppet in that one image?


      If there is an easier way to get rid of that "practice puppet", please tell me how?


      Thanks in advance.