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    How to create a scaffold that creates nodes rather than pages?

    stewa52 Level 1

      I wanted to create a scaffolding page that would allow useres to create and edit nodes.  I don't want the scaffolding to create a new page.  The nodes that would be created are similar to a stores inventory and don't all need to be their own page.  Any ideas?

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          orotas Level 4

          Do you need authors to manage these nodes after they are created (modify, publish, delete, etc.). If so creating them outside of the context of a page would mean you'd have to build a console application to allow mainence of the nodes.


          Depending on how many of these nodes you need to manage and how they would be organized one thing you could do would be create a simple template that just had a paragraph system on it (like the teaser templates). Then you could create a component that represents these nodes and drag the component onto the paragraph sysem in order to create the node. A little different than scaffolding but i might still work. You'd want to be careful about using this approach though if you need hundreds of nodes per page because you will runing into browser performance issues in that case.