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    Forum help


      I am new to this forum and I posted a question a couple of hours ago that has recieved no answers. It seems most others have had a response.

      Is there some etiquette that I should be following or something I did not do correctly in asking, or is it just that nobody has an answer. I need help & want to make sure I am approaching it the right way.


      Thank you,


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          janelle_f Adobe Employee

          i checked your last posted question, and it seemed to have 2 replies to it.... was there another question you posted?





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            billstapletondesign Level 1

            So Sorry.  I guess I was just not patient enough.  I wasn't aware how the forum worked and when you get a reply it moves the order in the list. It seemed I was getting burried but I have had many responses since.  Thank you for your answer to my question.  I would delete my post but I do not see an option to do that?

            Again my apologies for posting this when people are trying to be helpful (if I would give them the time!)

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              It appears that now there are several Replies to the "Spot Channel" thread (the one that Janelle Flores linked to).


              Though there are several Adobe employees, who drop by this forum, they do so, when they have a moment from their regular duties at Adobe. That may be but for a few moments in a day, or might be once in a week, depending on their schedules.


              The rest of us are just users, who volunteer our time, and then, for many, it can depend on schedules.


              Some posts might get instant Replies, depending on what the subject is, and who happens to be online at that moment, plus what their area of expertise might be. I seldom reply to a Mac-centric post, unless it covers operations that are X-platform, or perhaps asks the one, or two Mac questions, that I can answer from my readings.


              I also tend to skip "installation" posts, as those usually get very specific to the poster's equipment, or operations. However, if there are no, or few useful Replies, after a day, or so, I will try my best to help.


              As of last week, leading into the July 4th holiday in the US, general forum traffic has been down - maybe lots of folk doing July vacations?


              I do not think that you did anything wrong in your post. I believe that it was just timing. With Chris Cox following, and commenting in that thread, you should have resolution soon.


              Good luck,



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                billstapletondesign Level 1

                Hi Bill.

                Thanks for the reply.

                I feel bad for my lack of patience and again apologize..  I am very grateful for this and any forum like this as I realize someone is taking valuable time out of their day to try & help me.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Do not worry. When one has a problem, and clients on the other line, patience is tough to come by. Been there - done that.


                  As it appears that your issue is NOT with Pantone +, I suspect that Chris Cox is looking into the issue, especially as it cropped up for you with the CS 6 update (IIRC).


                  Good luck,




                  PS - I kept PS version 4 (not CS 4) around, as one of my clients had a client, who needed Spot Color done as it was, before PS version 5, due to a limitation with his print house. Only had to do those about twice per year, but we never got the different handling in PS 5 and above, to work for that print shop. Just went back to the old version 4, and all was good. Stuff happens, and that was the only workaround that we found.