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    Problem applying conditional build tag to more than one folder

    AIR-Chayah Level 1

      I applied a conditional build tag to a folder in the HTML Files tree. Success.


      Then I tried applying a tag to a different folder. I said yes to checking out the files, but nothing happened. I can't seem to apply a tag to more than one folder in the tree.


      My project has five outputs. Four of the outputs are for licensable modules. We don't want the users of licensed modules to see Help topics for modules that they have not licensed. This means that we also need to make sure that only users of licensed modules get to see the Help topics for those modules.

      Therefore, based on a reply about how to exclude topics from search results, I am trying to conditionalize the folders, in the Project Manager tree and set the output properties to exclude all topics except those that belong to the output.


      For example, I have a Hazard module and a Hazard output. I want to use a build expression such as "NOT Main" so that I can exclude all Main topics from the Hazard output. But I can't do this when RoboHelp won't apply the Main tag to anything.


      I know that this will be a good approach when it works. I set up the "Main" output to exclude Hazard topics and none of them showed up.


      All help much appreciated.