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    New User

      I am new user to RoboHTML 7.

      a)I import the document which is created in Word 2003. When I import the said document in HTML it creates the TOC on the topics automatically.

      b)Then after that, I created the Index manually in HTML for this project, that works fine.
      c)Converting to Word 2003 into HTML, RoboHTML synchronizes the topics it self, since I know as well we can set them manually also.

      d)Question: When I generate the layout, all the topics displayed in generated in webhelp including Parent and childs, But one Parent and for example has 20-20 child topics are not displayed in webhelp.

      e)When I search a child in the related webhelp, the search doesn’t pull that topic instead it produces the results Parent, whereas it ought to produce what we are writing in Search Tab.

      In the last, if I am unable to rectify it what experts suggest, can I send the Source for that project, but how and where, so that experts may see why it is freezing the Child Topics. Is there any guarantee provided to Users from experts that they will not directly contact to Clients Users working for..... as I have realized that most of the posts are comes from the IT Related firms those working for Local and International Clients.

      Please note that, I spent time playing and reading throught the documentation as well as Adobe Forums, I couldn't make out what was I missing. Would appreciate if you expert out there can help me out here.