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    CS6 - how do I adjust audio level part way through a clip using audio mixer?

    expertiseontap Level 1

      Hi there - I'm using the trial version of CS6 and will almost certainly buy it. I've watched lots of the video tutorials but am stumped on this simple issue!


      1. Let's say I have a clip and I want to increase the audio level part way through a clip.
      2. In Example A below I have added a keyframe at the point I want to change the volume.
      3. I then went to the audio mixer and increased the volume level using the slider. But nothing changed on the clip.

      4. The only way I could get it to work was to add more key frames after the first one (see Example B) and increase the volume on the timeline.
      5. This is very fiddly and I'd prefer to be able to do this using the audio mixer. Is this possible?


      Example A                                                                                                              Example B