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    CS6 "Ask When Pasting" not working?

    Ric Cohn Level 1

      I have "Ask When Pasting" checked in Color Settings, but I just realized that images are being converted without asking. Is this a bug in CS6?


      If not maybe there is something wrong with my preferences?


      I have to rebuild a document because the base image was an FPO in sRGB that I forgot to convert to my CMYK space. Usually I would be asked if I want to convert when I drag a new layer over which would catch my mistake.


      I tried resetting the dialog by going to Prefences>General>Reset all warning dialogs, which didn't fix it. Howerver, I'm not sure that the reset in Gereral Preferences also affects the Color Settings preferences.


      I also tried closing PS and throwing out Color Settings.csf from my User Preferences. This didn't fix it either. I've never had Color Settings go bad, so I'm not 100% sure this is the right file to remove.


      Can anyone confirm that this works correctly with their copy of CS6? I first saw this when my base document was in sRGB and the layer I dragged over was in "Web Coated SWOP 2006 Grade 3 Paper". I just tried it in the opposite direction with the same results.


      Photoshop CS6 Extended, Version 13.0 x64. Mac OS10.7.4. 17" MacBook Pro 2.5 GHz Quad Core i7, 16GB ram.


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