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    Accordian selectedChild

      Hi All... need some help.

      I have an Accordian and a dynamicalled generated TabNavigator, as you keep on clicking menu in accordian it opens new tab for that particular accordian header. What I want is - if the user clicks on previously opened tab the accorian should focus accordingly.

      Below is the code for it..
      <mx:TabNavigator id="windowTab" width="100%" height="100%" change="changeHandler(event);">


      private function changeHandler( event:Event ):void
      var tabNavigator:TabNavigator = TabNavigator( event.target );
      //AccordianMenu.selectedIndex = tabNavigator.selectedIndex;
      AccordianMenu.selectedChild = tabNavigator.selectedChild.label;


      AccordianMenu.selectedIndex << this works fine....

      can someone point out what i am doing wrong here >> AccordianMenu.selectedChild = tabNavigator.selectedChild.label;