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    Circle Issues


      I am trying to make a perfect circle that is the size of a CD.


      I have made guides that are 5" x 5" wide (a little wider than an actual CD) and 5"x5" tall. When I try to create a circle shape or marquis inside of my lines, I can't. I have to make an oval in order to meet my guides.


      I thought it was an issue with my units in my rulers. No dice. I tried creating a marquis fixed at 5"x5". No dice. Still an oval. Shouldn't 5"x5" be a perfect circle? A circle with a circumfrance of 5" would be the same all the way around, right? Or do I need to go back to geometry class?


      Thanks in advance for any help!

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          janelle_f Adobe Employee

          Draw a circle or square


          You can draw a circle or square using the elliptical or rectangular marquee tools, and then add a line (called a stroke) to the selection marquee. Stroking a selection is a quick way to add a border or frame around an object. You can stroke any selection you create with the selection tools.

          1. In the Layers panel, click the New Layer button to create a new layer for the circle or square. Isolating the circle or square on its own layer makes it easier to work with.
          2. Select the Elliptical Marquee tool or the Rectangular Marquee tool in the toolbox.
          3. Drag in the document window to create the shape. Hold down the Shift key while dragging to constrain the shape to a circle or square.
          4. Choose Edit > Stroke.
          5. In the Stroke dialog box, type a value for Width, and then click the color swatch to display the Adobe Color Picker.
          6. In the Adobe Color Picker, locate the color range you want using the triangle sliders on the color spectrum bar, and then click the desired color in the color field. The color you select appears in the top half of the color swatch. The original color remains in the bottom half. Click OK.
          7. Set the location for the stroke in relationship to the marquee by choosing Inside, Center, or Outside. Adjust the other settings as desired, and click OK. Photoshop strokes the line using the color and stroke settings you set.


          via adobe help- you can still use your guides..



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            Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

            If you hold down the shift key while drawing out a circle in your document, does it make a perfect circle (not oval)?


            Perhaps the pixel aspect ratio of your document is set to something other than 1:1.


            If it's a new document you created, look at the File>New dialog to make sure the pixel aspect ratio is set to Square Pixels.

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              saxman1815 Level 1

              Thanks for the help, but didnt quite answer my question. I'll elaborate a bit:


              When I do create a perfect circle (say, by holding shift) and then I check the circumfrance of the circle using photoshop's rulers, my circle edges are 4" inches wide (on the top ruler), but almost 5" talle (the side ruler).

              Is there a problem with how my rulers are set up?


              Thanks again for your help!

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                janelle_f Adobe Employee



                in mine i set up the rulers, and as i hold down shift, i am getting a perfect circle as i described earlier. have you looked into Rkelly's suggestion above?



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                  saxman1815 Level 1

                  Aha! It was the pixel aspect ratio. I had set it to NTSC Widescreen a while back to edit a DVD menu and never switched back!


                  Thanks to both of you for your help!

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    That will certainly do it, as you had 1:1.212 for the pixels.


                    Something else, that has tripped up a few, with such calculations, is accidentally setting the 0 points for width and height incorrectly.


                    Glad that you found the cause, and happy editing.