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    Panels Keep Minimizing Themselves (Ps CS4, Win7)



      I'm using Photoshop CS4 on Windows 7 at work and every time I minimize or close Photoshop and then maximize/re-open, my Swatches and Layers panels are minimized.

      My workspace is saved, and I've tried resaving it (including panel locations, shortcuts and menus).


      If i'm just simply switching programs/windows, it doesn't happen. Its only when the entire program is closed or minimized.


      It doesn't make any difference if I have a file open or not.


      Screenshots: left is before minimizing, right is after minimizing and maximizing again.


      This hasn't always happened. Its jsut been in the last few months, and its driving me nuts. I mean its not like its hard to open them again, but when i'm switching back and forth between other programs and trying to do things quickly, it gets extremely irritating.


      It doesn't happen on my colleague's computer, and she has the same version of everything. I've never seen it happen before (before it started doing this).


      I have CS5 (and have had CS3 and CS4 in the past) on my Mac at home and its never happened. Although you can't actaully minimize Photoshop on Mac anyway.


      Any ideas as to why this is happening or how to fix it?