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    recording not syncing

      I am trying to record SharePoint with Captivate 3. The mouse actions are occuring on a blank screen before the screen on which they appear. This is a persistent issue and a major problem. Any suggestions? Or is this a bug?

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          jojolina Level 1
          Hi Cara Marris and welcome to this spot in cyberspace.

          One of the things to know about Captivate in Recording is that Captivate captures the screen at ALMOST the exact moment of interaction. However, this means that in some instances e.g. working on the web or a server based package, there is a slight delay while the screen waits for the new information to upload. This is what is causing the "white screen" capture. Personally, I use manual capture in instances as mentioned above (prt scr) and then position the mouse pointer manually in editing mode.

          Hope this helps and stay well