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    Can Flash Builder actually make native mobile apps as advertised?  Or does it always require AIR?

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      I'm developing mobile applications on AIR with FlashDevelop.  It's a very nice platform to develop on, but AIR is a whopping huge download for mobile, especially over an expensive 3G connection.  I'm worried about driving away potential customers with that and I'd love to find something that builds native apps instead.  So I was very excited when I went to the Flash Builder page and read:


      "Build uncompromised native applications for iOS, Android, and Blackberry Tablet OS..."


      However, when I started looking at the documentation, everything always seems to still be based on AIR.  And AIR apps are definitively not native.


      Does anyone know if I've just missed something and Flash Builder really is able to build native apps?  Or is Adobe just blowing smoke and redefining words?