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    Nexus 7


      I just got a Nexus 7 and apparently it isn't an authorized device for ADE. ADE on my Mac sure doesn't recognize it. Has anyone heard anything about when/if the Nexus 7 will be a recognzed device.

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          New ereaders come on the market all the time.  The off-brand models come

          and go, lasting only a few months, or perhaps a year, before they're no

          longer made.  I've never heard of 'Nexus' before, so let me 'assume' that

          it's one of these.  If its an Android device, the chances of Adobe

          programming for it are about nil.  However, if it has some form of ereader

          software that is claimed to be 'compatible' with Digital Editions, then

          maybe the technical support function at 'Nexus' can explain how to get

          ebooks and download them using a method that doesn't involve hitching up to

          Digital Editions.



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            malundy Level 1

            I was approaching the problem the wrong way. I installed the Aldiko ereader app on my android device and sideloaded an epub book. When I went to import the book into the ereader I was prompted for my authorization. Now I have another problem which is that I have too many activations. Sigh.

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              Technology is a bummer sometimes.  I think what you've stumbled into is an

              ebook that's protected by digital rights management (DRM).  The way the

              industry's implemented this protocol involves having an Adobe ID (but not

              necessarily Digital Editions).  If you have Digital Editions installed on

              your PC, you should have obtained an Adobe ID as part of the registration

              and installation process.  Once registered, Adobe keeps track of the number

              of times that your ID is activated, thinking that you're installing Digital

              Editions on devices.  The Aldiko app should recognize your Adobe ID in some

              way - either it's asked you to enter the ID, or something like that, when

              you registered the app.  If all is well, then you should be able to use the

              Aldiko app with no issues and download ebooks to your ereader (somehow),

              then import them into Aldiko.  I can't help you more, unfortunately,

              because I don't have Aldiko to work with.


              If you need to have your activation count reset, you'll have to contact

              Adobe technical support and have them do it.  A LOT of people have tried

              this and gotten pushback from the techs on the phone.  Be persistent: tech

              support is the only function at Adobe that can reset the counter.  Solve

              the procedural issues first, so you don't have more frustration after the




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                For those who are not aware. You can register up to 6 devices on the ADE account. More than that, you would have to call Adobe or do live chat to have a device delisted so you can add another app or device.

                I stopped buying ebooks at ebooks.com as I refuse to use ADE anymore. It is generally not needed and way to frustrating. Just another step to go wrong.

                Hope it works out O.K. in the end becaause I am getting in way to heavy with B&N!

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                  MikFinkel Level 1

                  was lucky I guess the couple or 3 times I needed a reset. They were very nice and helpfull.

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                    Hopefully you figured this out already, but just in case - I had the same issue, and downloaded the Overdrive app.  It allowed me to authorize the Nexus and directly download books from my public library.  Hope that helps!