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    Multicam & Rendering Required Files

    Gordon James McDowell Level 1

      I find myself waiting a lot on Premiere CS6 6.0.1 64-bit Win7 to finish "Rendering Required Files". A lot.


      The multicam source sequence has been completely pre-rendered... it has green on the timeline. I'd not have assumed that would matter, but it is what the Adobe Support fellow suggested. Seems to make no difference.


      The sequence I'm doing all my editing in seems to repeatedly forget that the requried files have been rendered. Not all the time. I can close and open the project. I can save as an incremented filename. Usually I can do all that and continue working.


      But sometimes, for no apparent reason (other than time has passed), when I hit spacebar to review the edit, Premiere beings (re-)rendering the requried files.


      I've already done a "Render Audio". I can see the waveforms.


      And I've already let it "Render Required Files".


      In many cases, all I've done is leave the PC for a few hours, come back to start editing and then have to wait for the render.


      Occasionally, it will need to "Render Required Files" after I've made an edit to the sequence (NOT the multi-cam source sequence... rather the same one I've been doing all my editing in).


      As annoying as that is, well it makes sense that after I've made enough changes maybe the "required files" need to be re-rendered.


      But to walk away for a couple hours, come back to resume work, and THEN wait for Premiere to "Render Required Files"? This is a huge waste of time.


      It takes about an hour to render the files. I assume it is an audio-pre-render, to turn it into 32-bit floating point. I don't really know, but that's all I can think of.


      I've got plenty of hard drive space. 32 GB of RAM. I don't have any indication I'm running out of space... task manager says I've got plenty of spare RAM I'm not using.


      Would really appreciate any suggestions on this. Thanks, -Gord