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    11.3.300.265 installed and recognized.. but still told not right version??!


      11.3.300.265 installed.. IE recognizes, Flash Recognizes it.. Crashes in IE and Firefox. and IE tells me I don't have the latest damn version.  I need to stay on version 10 which works in order to use FF, but IE won't let me when I need to use IE for my work cloud system

      When I go to the page where you see your current version, it shows me 11.3.300.265 installed in IE.   Doesn't work in Firefox.  However, when I attempt to load content with Flash in IE (thanks for killing my FF!!), IE in it's brilliant wisdom tells me I don't have the latest version, and sends me to the page to download the same version that the "about Flash" displays. 


      To top it off, When I tried to troubleshoot the FF issue by changing protected mode (see? I'm not stupid, following the damn guides), I'm told that I don't have Flash installed at all, then sent to the about page, where it shows me I have 11.3.300.265 installed.


      I have rolled back to version 10 THREE times now! and IE still forces me to download the peice of crap version 11.3.300.265 installed.


      I am normally a fairly calm person, who doesn't make posts like this but I am FED UP!  Please.. help me.