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    Script Errors Installing Flash Player




      I have Win XP SP3 32 bit with IE8.  Adobe sent me an update to Flash Player a week ago

      and I installed it and was getting Adobe errors in the background every 30 or so minutes saying it had to terminate the process.   XP then asked me if I wanted to send a report to MS. So I did several times.  I got tired of it and in XP I removed Flash Player.   I went to reinstall it from the Adobe Website and I keep getting script errors. In reading the forums and the suggestions from a host of people this is what I've done to no avail :


      Updated XP to the latest patches

      Updated Java to the latest version

      One suggestion  was to run a registry repair so I ran Norton 360 Registry FIx pgm and it just

      found one file that was not right.  But it didn't look like it had anything to do with this problem


      So then as a forum replier suggested I then...............


      Blocked the Norton 360 Antivirus Auto Protect utility and downloaded the Uninstaller , closed IE8 and ran the Uninstaller from Adobe. No Problem.


      Then I Rebooted and with Norton 360 Anti virus Auto Protect still blocked tried to reinstall the latest ( 11.3.300.265 ) but I still get script errors trying to install directly form the Adobe website.  This aborts the install and I have to reboot if you try to reinstall as it says only one xxxxx can run at a time.  


      Any more suggestions ?