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    Export html - Image files names




      I'm trying to create a project with an image (map of Italy) that highlight any region on mouseover (rollover).

      Everything is fine, and when I preview on firefox it looks great.

      Problem is that when i export it (export with images in a folder), it creates some strange names of these files (ie: no title_r1_c1_d1), that is not recognized by other html softwares (joomla).


      Is there any way to export these file names with another name?


      The project is really long and it would be impossible to rename these files when the have allready been exported, so I need to find a solution to tell fireworks to export them in a right format.


      Thanks in advance

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          italyweb Level 1

          ---> Update:


          I tryed  to create a new documento with only 2 images, in order to edit files easily..


          I renamed the files and now i see an empty tab: http://www.cavour.joomlahost.it/seleziona-la-zona.html.


          It would be great if someone could help me...


          Thanks in advance

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            groove25 Level 4

            In Fireworks, try selecting the item in question and looking at the upper-left corner of the Properties inspector. There should be an image of the object and a label/description of the object. Immediately beneath that label is a text field. Try renaming the object there.

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              italyweb Level 1

              Hi, thank you very mch for your help...

              I could change the files name, following your advices...

              Problem is that fireworks creates itself other portions of images, whose name is not recognized from my html editor....(no_title_s1_r1_c1)...


              Do you think there's another way to do this map rollover?


              Thank you so much

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                groove25 Level 4

                I'd suggest looking at the Export options (in the dialog that appears after choosing File > Export). For instance, maybe it would help to deselect "Include Areas without Slices".


                Export options.png


                In addition, you could experiment with the HTML Setup options (by clicking the Options button in the above dialog or by choosing File > HTML Setup). For example, in the Document Specific section, there are file naming options for slices.


                HTML Setup.png


                Sorry, but there are a lot of variables and unknowns in what you're describing, and it's hard to narrow down what's happening. These are general suggestions.