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    Help needed with layers and project files....




      I am new to after effects so this might be a simple issue for most. I am having an issue with my layers not matching the files in my project window. I accidently deleted a comp file the other day so I had to remake a few layers but they are not showing up in the project window/solids folder. I have 5 layers on my timeline and only 4 files in the project/solids folder. Some of the files names do not match the ones in the timeline. Is there a way to create a new comp with the files that I have open in my timeline or to replace the ones in the project window?  I started a project a few days ago, Im trying to make a few partical orbs dancing on there own path then they will come together and then creates a few smaller ones. Im at the point where I want to copy one comp to another or copy the layers over but the particals follow one light instead of the original light from its own comp. I think the file names in the project window might be the issue but I really don't know. Any help or comments would greatly be appreciated


                                                       Thanks a million





      Using trapcode particular and AE CS6

      Windows system