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    I will pay, who creates a plugin for importing tables from MS word


      I need a plugin, which will import the MSword document, which have tables and footnotes.

      WIth "Place" option (with "SHift"), it only imports the first page of word document, and even that first page is degraded and some part of  footnotes are moved to the second page of Indesign.


      for example,see such document: http://i.minus.com/1342790256/zDuntjI5q2iNIJqkk5UPJA/dbjwjsXzUbRmjD/sample.rtf




      Who creates a plugin, that will do that job correctly, i will pay him (offer me your bid).

      my info:

      mail: selnomeria(*)yahoo.com

      skype: oceane.sa