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    Dynamic loaded text now showing

    Josh_Pratt Level 1
      I've got a dynamic text field that loads in text from a text file. I've got many of these scattered throughout the website, all of which have the same exact settings. Verdana font, embedded text, render as html, multiline.

      For some reason, on a certain dynamic text field, the <b> tag (which I use and it works on all others) is hiding any text that is within the tags. Since this dynamic text field has all the same settings (it was literally a copy and paste and a change of the var name) I don't understand why it is all of the sudden not correctly using the <b> tag. Any advice?
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          2m Level 2
          for Flash to render the bold vvariant of a dynamic font the font has to be embded in the file, only embeding verdana won't do, you need to have verdana bold embeded also.
          That doesn't explain exactly your problm, as you say bold text shows up in other fields. It might be that those fields lust don't look for the embeded version but use one fron the system, as verdana is installes on most systems anyhow.

          You can check the "generate size report" option under publish settings, if you want to know what fonts (and which variants) you have embeded in your swf.
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            Also I think you must reset the text format each time you change the text or any format attribute.

            t.text = "new text";