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    Flash CS6 can´t create background transparency


      Hi there,

      When Im trying to generate a Sprite Sheets, I don´t have any chance of setting the background to alpha or transparency. It always has a solid color.


      What can I do? Is there any place for this settings. I have seen that it should be transparent by default but it doesn´t.

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          Musguete.com Level 1

          OMG.... I have found the problem.


          I thoungh that PNG24 supported transparency but it doesn´t, so with PNG32 selected I have the chance to set the background to none.... 4 hours dropped


          thank u guys!

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            Hi to everyone, just let you know i uploaded a video tutorial on youtube how to get this in a few steps, exporting from Adobe Flash CS6 and then work in dreamweaver CS6

            Here is the link to HD video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbLaa0HzQwM.


            Well here is the quick tip how to get it done

            First you need to open flash cs6, of course you must have the project ready to export.

            Once you have flash cs6 opened, go to file/publish preview make sure to expor html then go back to your folderand you will have the swf file and the html file

            then right click to the html and open with dreamweaver once you have opened in dreamweaver, just look for this
            <param name="wmode" value="transparent" /> and make sure value is in transparent mode instead of opaque and tha's all.


            Hope you can solve the problem.