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    Importing AE Composition to Premiere

    eday_2010 Level 1

      I am having an issue getting work I have done in AE to work correctly in Premiere Pro. I am using AE CS6 and Premiere Pro CS5. I do my thing in AE with a couple of photoshop files animated over the video, and I save it to an After Effects project. The sound doesn't play at all (or show up), but that is okay because I will be doing the sound in Premiere. The video is an MTS h.264 video with 5.1 channel audio from a Panasonic TM700 camcorder. I also export it as a premiere pro project.


      When I open the project in Premiere, everything shows up, but there is no sound. If I import the same video again so that I can just use the audio track and drop it in the timeline,  it's only in stereo because of After Effects initial settings.


      I also tried creating a new project with the master audio track being 5.1, and importing the After Effects Project file. The only way to get the video to show up properly is to double click the sequence from the imported aep file. That leaves me wit hthe same problem as before: setereo only sound.


      I have thought about just rendering the sequence with the effects in AE and cutting it into the video in Premiere, but I want to avoid rendering the video more than I need to. And because PrePro is CS5 and AE is CS6, the dynamic linking will not work.


      I don't need the video portion from the After Effects project, I just need the two layers with my animated Photoshop images.


      So is there any way for me to use the work I did in AE within Premiere and have a 5.1 Master Track, or will I need to render the portion I want and cut it into the full video? Can I export my animated layers with a transparent background that I can drop into Premiere so that my animated images are visible over the video?


      For inquiring minds, I am using Premiere Pro CS5 instead of CS6 because I was having stability issues. I had no problem with 5.1 channel sound in PrePro CS6 or Audition CS6 (and no problems with PrePro CS5). I've read that AE is still stereo only, though I get no audio in AE at all, be it from my imported MTS video or a two-channel audio file.