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    Adobe Premiere and Encoder does not indexing the m2v correctly! Pixeling everywhere after import!


      Hey all,


      something new popped up.


      Normally everything works fine but this time when I demuxed my movie to reauthor it, it does something weird after putting it into premiere pro or media encoder.

      After the yellow screen disappears (when indexing is done) i can scroll threw the movie and I see ugly pixel and wrong interpretaion of the movie.


      I tried a lot... the demuxed movie works fine in vlc and media player.. no pixel there... only when i import it into an adobe product the pixels are in the source file....


      It's all not about exporting it, we are talking about importing. So nothing with low bit rate or something.

      I insert an example here. When the FIRE starts, it's pixeling.



      What can I do?