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    After effects CS5.5 MASK

    MXMXVR Level 1

      Get a look in the image below!

      http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-fzJEzmQPXL8/UAgdeA4N_AI/AAAAAAAAAyU/gR4QNAjSTvg/s1600/Screen19.j pg

      I wanna fill the tv screen with the very same picture from the background!

      I cannot fill the tv screen cuz the background image is a retangle and the tv screen is a paralellogram, right? Is it possible manipulate the background till it fill the tv screen perfectly?

      Before you advise me to use a mask, I have already done it! But look!

      http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-G9jDP5B6ekY/UAgfs_izbII/AAAAAAAAAyc/DJLHU1uluNI/s1600/Screen20.j pg

      It fills perfectly, but I lose part of the background picture!