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    New "Create Button" Option

    saxman1815 Level 1

      I was wondering if anyone has had any success with After Effects new (well...new in CS5) "Create Button" command under the Layers Menu and in "Adobe Encore" submenu?


      This seems like it would be a great way to save time, rather than having to go into Photoshop to work on buttons. Having some trouble, though.


      Here's what Adobe's help page says (below is what I've already tried):


      Create a button for Adobe Encore


      1. In the Timeline panel, select the layers for use in the button.
      2. Choose Layer > Adobe Encore > Create Button.
      3. Enter a name for the button.
      4. Use the menus to assign up to three highlight layers and one video thumbnail layer, and then click OK. A new composition is created with the button name. In keeping with the Adobe Encore naming standards, the prefix is added to the name of the composition to indicate that it is a button.
        Important:  If you rename the button, be sure to retain the prefix. The prefix ensures that Adobe Encore recognizes the file as a button.

      Export a button for use in Adobe Encore

      1. Open the composition that represents the button, and move the current-time indicator to the desired frame.
      2. Choose Composition > Save Frame As > Photoshop Layers.



      Here's my workflow:


      • I set up my 3 layers and created a button. Layer one is my text in green and set to subpicture 1 (=1)...my normal layer.
      • Layer 2 is the same text, but in white and set to subpic 2 (=2)...my selected layer.
      • Layer 3 is the same text, but in yellow and set to subpic 3 (=3)...my activated layer.
      • I opened the newly created button comp and chose a time in the timeline.
      • I exported the frame as Photoshop layers.

      Here are the problems:

      1. The frame in the new button comp has no alpha channel. So my new photoshop layers, when pulled into Encore, cover the entire frame.
      2. When I select the different menu states below the frame, there is no change.

      (I have already tried turning off the other layers before exporting the button. No luck.)


      Any luck or suggestions out there?


      Thanks in advance!