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    Trouble Activating Adobe ID in Aldiko


      I am trying to activate my Adobe ID in Aldiko and it is telling me too many activations. I like to reformat my tablets regularly and wasn't aware there was a limit to these activations. Is there anyway I can remove past activations?



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          It's curious to note that questions on the same subject seem to come in

          waves.  I just addressed this question with another poster this morning....


          Adobe Digital Editions HELP section has some statements on activations and

          limits that might be helpful to read, so you get at least a basis for

          further discussions with their people.


          Resetting the limit is done by the Adobe technical support team, and you

          should start with a phone call to them.  Unfortunately, many of the Adobe

          tech support rep's do not think that this is their responsibility.  Be firm

          if they deny responsibility - they ARE the only ones who can do the

          reset....  Once you get past the bluster, you may be asked to submit a web

          case: find out from them exactly how to do that.  Others here have found

          that their instructions were incorrect.


          [reading between the lines: Adobe tech support rep's need some retraining

          on what their purpose is and how their systems work]


          Hope this helps!


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            Hi there,


            Yes, that's absolutely correct said by "Frustrated in AZ".

            You must contact Adobe support team to reset your activation.


            In case, if you're unable to contact them or support was denied then you can just create a support case.


            Please visit the below link to find the steps to create webcase:




            Please don't get confused with different steps.


            I recommend you to follow the steps under

            : "Create a technical support case"