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    Guidance on a form

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      I have a Livecycle document that will ultimately be comprised of 2 Forms.  The final appearance of the forms needs to match a client's form, we are trying to move from filing these in by hand. The second form contains data that is repeated fro the first.  If I collect the data correctly in the first form, I can fully automate the second form.


      Below is the proposed table for the first form.  The data consists of work accomplished by various contractors on a construction site, and could include multiple locations on that site.  There could be different Contractors working at each location, and each contractor gets a portion of the table for each location they work, listing the Location for each contractor.  I set this up as 3 tables nested inside a top table.  The section for a Contractor is the last two rows of this top table, and grouped in a Table Section.  I need to be able to add or delete a single Item line, shown by the bottom blue callout, a single Contractor section shown circled in Red, and a full Location, shown in green below.  The table looks the way I want, but the "Delete this Item" buttons are not deleting anything graphically.  They do, however, appear to be deleting the Items as I get an error message stating I cannot delete below the Minimum Count for the Item rows.  I have tried saving the file after deleting the rows and reopening, and the items are still present.  I have not tried to get the other buttons to work yet.



      The second form is a page that is for 1 of the locations.  That is, there is a copy of the form for each Location.  At the top of the form it has a single spot for Location # (As represented by "#1" and "#2" in the above sample) and Location Description, which is the line under the Location Number in the above sample.  Then there is a table that has lines to quantify the items.  It has 1 line for each item, and each line lists:  Item No. Description (from Description of Work column above), Quantity, Units (both from the Quantity column above) and Contractor which would come fro the top of the Contractor section, "Concrete Masters" at the bottom of the above image is an example.  The form looks like this:



      So my questions are, am I going about this is the best way, and if so, why are the lines not deleting?  The top sample table can be found here: https://acrobat.com/#d=KAcRjEP7fITGC1AjvQwLog