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    Multiple animations to a single object


      Alright, so I am just starting to experiment with digital publications, specifically animations, in CS5 and CS6.  I am trying to have an intro type screen where each text element appears individually.  That is no problem.  What I am having trouble with is the end animation.  After everything has appeared, I want all the text elements to disappear using the same animation (specifically the smoke element).  I can sort of make it work, but the text is blurry when it appears and never sharpens. Any suggestions? 

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          So after working on it a bit, I figured out a solution.  It may not be the most effective way to do it, but it worked.  I have each text element animated individually, then I have the group disappear.  Underneath that I have an exact copy of the finished text that is hidden until animation (which is the smoke animation).  So overall the effect looks like each element flies in and then once they have all assembled, they disappear like smoke.  It looks pretty cool.  Hope this helps someone else.  If anyone has any ideas that are better, let me know.