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    Painting Workspace issue


      We are using Photoshop CS5 on macbookpros running snow leapard and recently we have noticed an odd issue.  When we start up photoshop the Painting workspace tab (on the top where the control panel and application bar are) is momentarily corrupted, scrambled, and pixelated (a bunch of different colored scrambled pixels--looks like a corrupt image).  Eventually, a clear painting workspace tab loads but it takes a while.  Is this normal?


      The other things we noticed is that this only happens when we switch to the painting workspace or when we start photoshop with the painting workspace loaded as the default.  It does not happen when the other workspaces (design, photography, etc. are loaded).


      We also tried deleting the preferences files and rebuilding them but this did not fix the problem.  Just wondering if this is normal thing or if there is some kind of file corruption or something wrong with the program.