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    Image File

    harooki2 Level 1
      How do you delete an image file from your project?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Provided it is not shown in Project Manager, just delete it via Windows.

          You can get a list of all images not used via the Unused Files report.

          If the file is in use and shown in Project Manager, double click it and you can see which files use it. Remove the reference to the image in those files and then follow the previous steps.

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            Peter, I have the same problem. I have HTML 2015


            I ran the report and have 6 unused image files.


            test 1: remove all list under section in project manager, re input file. Unused files still on C:

            test 2. remove all images from c: re-input section.  unused files are not in project manager, but still reside on C; drive input folder.


            I'm cleaning up my project and really need to know how to remove these.


            I have opened.fpj in word pad, do I delete all topic reference or all folder reference and re-input to clear unused image files?

            If not where would I find these unused images to delete?



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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              The report tells you where the files are located. Open File Explorer in Windows and delete them using that.


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                jskeens991 Level 1


                I did that and when I re-import after deleting all instances they do return as unused. I have 6 unused and 6 that pass thru.

                I have bunches to remove, just picked a small section to start with.




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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Just an observation here. You say "when I re-import" the unused images appear.


                  The fact the images are appearing seems to suggest that SOMETHING about the process is adding them. That they must be needed in some case.


                  What exactly are you "importing" from? Maybe that will provide a clue.


                  Since unused images don't really do anything more than possibly add to the number of files in your source location, why are they an issue? They shouldn't end up in your output unless they are actually being used.


                  Cheers... Rick

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                    jskeens991 Level 1

                    I am importing from a word document.

                    The word document has embedded images-  file.png overlays file.jpg. When importing into RoboHelp, the layer on the bottom  is being used. This has been tested by putting a red border on the image showing. The output file does display the bottom layer that has no red border.  I know the input should not have layers.  But now have 6 months of work that was in error.

                    Is there a way to tell robo which layer to use. Unused files are the ones with red borders.

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                      Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Ahhh makes better sense now.


                      Sure, in Microsoft Word, you are able to "layer" images to achieve an effect. Such as callouts pointing to different areas. And as you have observed, images configured like this are not "flattened" when the document ends up inside RoboHelp. I created a small test to see how the images might be handled. I added an image in Word, then layered an arrow over the image and finally a shape as well. So the overall effect was this. Base image was there, arrow above it pointing to something. Shape above that describing something. Looked like this in Word:




                      I then imported the Word document into RoboHelp and it looks like this in the RoboHelp topic that was created.




                      Note that three different images were imported.


                      But in your case it sounds as if images are being imported but somehow not shown on the page? Seems odd.


                      The bottom line here is that I see no provision RoboHelp offers that allows images with layers to be imported and remain looking as they do in Microsoft Word. If you want to preserve that, you will need to screen capture the image in Word. Then insert into RoboHelp.


                      Cheers... Rick

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                        Janatwork Level 1

                        I also would like to delete unused image files from a RoboHelp 2015 project. Is it OK with RoboHelp if I delete the files while working in Windows Explorer?


                        Peter, you mentioned it's OK to delete the image files in Windows provided they are not in the Project Manager. I have not yet learned why an image file would or would not be listed in the Project Manager. Could you please explain. Thank you!

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                          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          As long as they are truly unused, RoboHelp will be blissfully unaware.

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                            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                            An image that shows in Project Manager is one that is used in a topic somewhere. Unused images remain in File Explorer. You can run a report in RoboHelp that will tell you which images are unused. You can then delete those manually or use one of Willam van Weelden's free scripts. See Item 42 in Snippets.


                            Create a backup first. I always recommend creating the backup as a zip file. That prevents you opening it accidentally and working on it before you realise it was the backup. This way you always have a clean backup that can be used to create a new clean copy time after time.


                            [Item number originally given as 4]


                            See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring information




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                              Janatwork Level 1

                              Rick and Peter,

                                 Thank you -- you are amazingly helpful. In these times where applications are more robust (and complicated) than ever and yet have no user manual, it's great to have your expertise. (Adobe should send you part of their profit-sharing every year.) Plus, your postings make me smile.    : )


                                Just a couple more questions:

                              1. Am I correct in saying that there are actually three ways to back up a RoboHelp project:

                                  a. zip the project folder
                                               - OR -

                                  b. Copy the project folder and then paste it in a different drive
                                               - OR -

                                  c.  Drag the project folder to another drive



                              2. Peter, if I run Willam's script to delete unused images, will I have a choice of which files to delete, or does the script delete all unused image files? (By the way, Willam's snippet is actually 42.)


                              Thank you!


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                                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                Happy to hear we make smiles. (And we aren't even dentists!)


                                I'll tackle the first one. Yes, you are correct on the backup mechanisms. And if you think about it, there are even more ways.


                                Instead of copying to another drive, you could copy to the cloud. Or to a different folder on the same drive.



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                                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                                  ... although Rick does have a T shirt "I'm not a doctor but I'll look anyway".


                                  I would just add that whilst there are multiple methods and it's a long time since, I have seen people have issues with copying or dragging across a network and something get messed up on the way. Hence another reason I recommend zipping.


                                  See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring information




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                                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                                    Re Willam's script, I don't think you have any options but check with Willam.


                                    Apologies for the wrong number.


                                    See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring information