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    Polygonal Lasso tool issues in newly installed Photoshop CS6 on IOS X Lion 10.7.4

    WillHowe Level 1

      I'm using a new install of Photoshop CS6 (via creative cloud) on a new iMac and getting superb performance aside from constant issues with the polygonal lasso tool.

      All the other variants of the tool work fine without fault, but when using the polygonal selection , either the first 'point' won't register or subsequent 2nd or 3rd points won't register, causing photoshop to hang for a second then fill the marquee incorrectly.

      I'm using a magic mouse and also tested it with a USB Logitech but still getting the same issue.


      3.4ghz Intel Core i7 Quad core iMac

      16GB Ram

      OS & Photoshop on a SSD

      Scratch Disk 1TB internal HD

      2GB Video Card

      IOS X Lion 10.7.4

      ... latest OS update

      ... latest photoshop update


      Any help much appreciated ...