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    Comment Approval

    iseevisions Level 1

      Can someone clarify for me how to turn on moderation (approval) for blog comments?


      I find the setting in the comments module to be confusing:


      Select the checkbox next to the page or module you would like to have automatically approved. - I interpret this to mean by checking the box next to blogs in the "Manage New Commnet Rules" means the comment messages will automatically be posted and UNCHECKING the box means the messages will need to be approved before they post.


      Can someone confirm please?


      Also is there a way to change the fields in the post a comment form?  For instance take out the Web URL field and make the email field required?

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          officeBrah Level 2

          Hey iseevisions,


          If the ‘Approve New Comments?’ box is unchecked, comments will require moderation. The text is confusing and I can imagine it would catch a few people off guard.


          When you insert the comment form on the page, you can then modify the HTML and remove fields if required. You can also implement JavaScript to enforce validation on certain fields to make them required.