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    OM-D Lens Correction with ACR 7.1

    grampus45 Level 1

      The issue has arisen on dPreview as to whether LR 4.1 and ACR 7.1 do any automatic lens correction for distortion, vignetting, etc. for images taken with the OM-D using such lenses as the 12-50mm.


      I have compared the images from my OM-D with the 12-50mm at various focal lengths in ACR 7.1 and RPP, which definitely does not do any lens correction, and they are identical.  I, therefore, am of the decided opinion that ACR 7.1 also does no lens correction.  Others on the forum contend that LR 4.x does.  I don't have LR, so I cannot test this for myself.


      Can anyone tell me authoritatively whether LR 4.x provides automatic lens correction for the OM-D in general and for the 12-50mm in particular?


      thank you,