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    Can you make custom clothing for 3d Models?

    Kimblh Level 1

      Hello, I am new to Photoshop CS5 Extended and mostly bought the program for making textures for 3d clothing since it has a bridge from DAZ to Photoshop which I hope will make my work go faster. I have been using DAZ and Poser for a while now and have been working in photo editing and vector designing for 12 years. I am not new to this, just need to adobe products. I was wondering if it is possible to custom clothing for 3D Daz models using Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended? I can find tutors on painting models but nothing on making the custom clothing itself, not a texture for other clothing but making my own clothing for DAZ Kids4. I have been using Hexagon to work with clothing but was looking for a photoshop alternative method.


      Thank you

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          for the mesh, hexagon is actually better than photoshop. Since it can create the actual mesh. Though, you can import the mesh into photoshop so you can see it while you paint the texture.

          The 3d creation portion of photoshop is still a bit limiting. (But my experience stops with CS5. I have not tried CS6 yet, so impovement could have been made)

          The issue I have with hexagon is the amount of bugs in it. I prefer a more robust and more expensive alternative. But thats me

          A free alternative is Blender. But I find the UI a bit outdated and hard to grasp. But again, thats me.

          Generate your UV maps as you normally would then load them into photoshop and get painting. You may like other texture generating apps to go along with photoshop. Genetica is great for making tileable textures.

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            Kimblh Level 1

            Thanks, this is very helpful. I feel the same abut hexagon.  I guess my real question now is what product do I want to put the time into learning so I can make 3d clothing.

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              Sharon Huang Level 3

              Hi Kimblh


              Like Silkrooster said, 3D creation in Photoshop right now is still pretty limiting. But it is great for importing the UV maps and painting textures on.


              Are you talking about actually modelling an object (clothing) in 3D? If so I really recommend Autodesk Maya or Zbrush. They are both great 3D softwares that have indepth tools for modelling.