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      Hey BC Gurus....


      Question. I have a client who I am redesign their site and on their current website they have a resources section for people to download whitepaper etc.

      Now they want to replicate the way that they currently have these set out... The process is as follows:


      1. click the link on the page

      2. re-direct the link to a webform to capture individuals details

      3. submit and then re-direct to thank you message

      4. specified downloaded file is then sent to your email address as listed on the form.


      See the attached process.


      Question is... Can this be done? The form and the thank you message is easy, but is the ability to sent the file via email do-able? Given these will be different on each link, but the form will remain the same.


      We also only want to fill the form in once so that you don't need to keep filling it in each time...


      For site reference check out their current page @:








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          Erick - BCGurus.com Level 2

          If you must email the user the download:


          Use ecommerce to setup the products as digitial downloads.  give them a price of 0.00 and use the "Free" payment method type. Create an account for the user when they fill out the checkout form. Then use appropriate layout/styling/scripting to make sure the whole system does not look and feel like an actual store.  May require some finesse, but should not be to difficult.


          Much easier though to just create literature items and put them behind a secure zone.  Let the user fill out the form which will also subscribe them to the zone, and then they goto a secure page on the site where they can click the download link.


          The email part is what makes this complicated.

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