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    Bridge auto Changes temperature to pictures when clicked


      Hi, I've been having this issue with both jpgs and DNGs so I think I have an issue with my Adobe Bridge. Having updated my CS5 with all the latest updates, camera raw, etc..., whenever my adobe bridge loads thumbnails for a picture (either jpg or dng), it adds a bit of this yellow hue/temp when i click on it. the change is permanent when i try to edit in camera raw and still there when i open the image to photoshop....


      i've been scouring the net trying to find out how to solve this but it seems like no one knows really how to do this. i'm REALLY REALLY frustrated with this,


      please help! I've cleared the cache, I only have 4 camera profiles under camera calibration in camera raw (Embedded, ACR 4.4, Adobe Standard, Camera Standard), I'm using a pentax k-5 but it doesn't sound like that should matter seeing how bridge DOES have the capability of showing what i want it to show but.... for some reason, that temp/tint keeps adding itself! akdfjalsdfjaldsf


      I've included a screenshot of what it should look like and what it looks like when i click on it.


      argh - 1.jpg

      what it should look like


      argh 2.jpg

      what ends up happening.