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    Question about displaying styles in Design View




      I have a two questions:


      1) Is there some way that CSS styles will display by default in Design View, without me having to go to View > Style Rendering > Display Styles each time I open up a site or page. It's laborious and a new experiwnce for me since ugrading to CS5. Is there a setting somewhere I can change?



      2) I have about 40 sites set up in Dreamweaver CS5.5, all of which I am able to view the styling of in Design View by making the selection I outlined in my question above, except for one stubborn site that just refuses to show styles in Design View, even when I have that option selected. The pages are derived from a template which references a stylesheet, and the path is correct, and the pages reneder correctly when I preview them locally in a browser or upload them to the web, but for the life of me I can't get the styles to show in Design View which is really frustrating and makes it hard to work.


      Any ideas why this one site might be giving me a headache? I've tried deleting the site from the site manager and recreating it several times, to no avail....


      (My workaround it to re-link the same style-sheet on each page, which creates messy and superfluous code, and a duplicate stylesheet link in the page which might cause a headache down the road)


      Thanks to anyone who might be able to chime in with some thoughts/answers...