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    Canon 60D Raw File Problems


      I have a copy of CS4 installed on my computer. I've been looking around the forums and other websites for help and I've literally tried EVERYTHING. I would upgrade for CS6 (which seems to be the only solution at this point) but it's a costly endeavor. Maybe someone can guide me.


      I'm not very knowledgable with Photoshop and in depth technology. I want to edit my photos in RAW, but I can't. I tried the DNG converter, and it did not recognize any files at all. I downloaded Camera Raw (the latest version as well as another one) and it said I needed Adobe Manager. I tried that as well but nothing.


      I have no clue what I am doing and I have been downloading different things in search of a solution. I just need some guidance in where to start to fix this, if there is a way.


      I'm using Windows Vista if that helps. Thanks!