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    Windows 7 x64 - Component AxShockwave Flash v.6 in WinForm C#



      I public this message on MSDN, but I was sent here.

      I used Flash in project .NET. Just old version 6.0.

      On a computer tool used by the OS Win 7 x64 and Visual Studio 2010.

      I add Com Object Shockwave Flash in WinForm . But property AxShockwaveFlash Size always 0;0 and not resize. Binding to the upper left Form.

      The current application runs without errors, but if you try to change a property programmatically Flаsh the object will throw an exception on the impossibility of working in multiple threads.

      This problem is observed with a 6 version Flаsh and more later  10 no such problems. This is the usual visual ActiveX Component.

      Previously used:

      Visual Studio 2005

      Windows XP Proffessional x32

      Flash 6.

      everything worked