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    Profile/Level and how to improve render quality


      Can someone explain or point me to an explination of profiles and levels in the render export settings?


      Also, are there any guides to finding a good balance of quality and size? Sometimes it feels that if I just crank everything to 100%, I don't really notice that much better quality in the picture, but the files sizes are crazy. Just trying to learn my way around this stuff.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Arokki_ Level 1

          Hey Volktronic,


          One thing I can say for starters is that Adobe Media Encoder is definitely not the best encoder qualitywise. If you wish to get top notch quality, you should be looking for a third-party application, maybe something like Telestream Episode.


          The "best" settings vary depending on the codec you are willing to use. For h.264 with an mp4-wrapper I have found that setting the datarate target to 8 and maximum to 16 has given me good results for Youtube. But that was just an example


          Please tell me more of your preferences and let's see if I could help you out.

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            Volktronic Level 1

            Experimenting using main, 4.2, 10-20mbit, CBR and VBR 29.97p, h.264


            It's weird, my box is pretty strong, I7 2600 with 16GB I think, and it plays the h.264 movies from my camera(olympus e-m5, 20MBit) just fine. But when I render a movie from PPCS6 at around 10mbit, it stutters horribly. Can't figure out why. I checked out that encoder, $500 is pretty steep for encoding family movies, is there anything less expensive you could recomend that would be better than Adobe's encoders?

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              Arokki_ Level 1

              Yes, Episode is for pro use. But your problems seem not ecoder-issues qualitywise, so maybe we could stick to AME for a while...


              I've heard that .h264 can be tricky but not that it would stutter like crazy. Can you provide the excact settings you used, maybe like a screencapture of the encoderview? Are you btw editing HD 1080p material (the stuff your Olympus records) and exporting it in the same resolution?


              I'm sure this is just about getting the settings right.