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    I will pay, who creates a method for importing tables from MS word


      I need a script or any other type of method, which will import the MSword document, which have tables and footnotes.


      WIth "Place" option (with "SHift"), it only imports the first page of word document, and even that first page is degraded and some part of  footnotes are moved to the second page of Indesign.




      for example,see such document: http://d2.minus.com/1342790256/zDuntjI5q2iNIJqkk5UPJA/dbjwjsXzUbRmjD/sample.rtf




      i will pay him, who will do that job (offer me your bid).


      my info:


      mail: selnomeria(*)yahoo.com


      skype: oceane.sa


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          First of all:

          Indesign does not support footnotes in tables. There are some tricks i use, for example making a "hidden footnote reference" somwhere in the page (just assign a 0.1pt size and fillcolor of "None") but it's just a ugly hack and if you have to reformat the tables you will have to rebuild all teh footnotes. move them around etc.



          If one of the cells in the table you are importing is larger (verticaly) than the page size the autoflow will stop. The table is imported in the story (check it out in the story editor) but indesign cannot display it. Enlage the frame until the cell fits (or make the cell smaller -decrease the text size?) and reflow the rest of the text.



          If you are working with large tables and especialy large cells be prepared to have numerous crashes. And i mean NUMEROUS!! Every time you try to change something in the table.


          i am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but at the moment table and footnote support in indesign is crappy at best, and i don't think there's anyone besides the guys form Adobe that can do anything to help you.