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    hyperlink name




      I am writing a script to convert url to hyperlinks because the included converter does not match url containing characters such as hyphen and the links are all named "Hyperlink ##" which is not easy to handle.


      So I write this function to convert the url I find with a grepFind :


      function url2hyperlink(url, textSource, urlLinkStyle) {

          // init hyperlink counter for this url

          if (typeof linksTable[url] == 'undefined') {linksTable[url] = 0;}


          // create name of hyperlink as url + hyperlink counter for this url to avoid duplicated names

          var hyperlinkName;

          if (linksTable[url] == 0) {hyperlinkName = url;}

          else {hyperlinkName = url + "_" + linksTable[url];}


          var linkDestination = myDocument.hyperlinkURLDestinations.add("http://" + url);

          var linkSource = myDocument.hyperlinkTextSources.add(textSource,{appliedCharacterStyle :urlLinkStyle});

          var myHyperLink = myDocument.hyperlinks.add(linkSource, linkDestination,{name:hyperlinkName});


          // increment hyperlink counter for this url


      } // end url2hyperlink


      But I have an error "This name is already used by another object". I do not know wich object.


      If I change :

          var myHyperLink = myDocument.hyperlinks.add(linkSource, linkDestination,{name:hyperlinkName});


          var myHyperLink = myDocument.hyperlinks.add(linkSource, linkDestination,{name:"anytext" + hyperlinkName});


      I do not have the error.

      The string can really be "anytext" I tried "http://" or "\u2799" it works (an empty string "" does not work).


      Does somebody knows what is happening in this script ?