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    What's wrong with adobe this days?

    Tuexnovia Level 1

      Guys, I'm just having lot of problems but A LOT, there is always a problem when I have to edit something... I'll explain it to you...

      First of all I can't edit my flles from dxtory x264 you have to pay like 300 pounds well, there is a thread already somewhere in this forum well it's ok... (But c'mon...)


      One week ago I was exporting a video, coming from Camtasia and it was recognizing just 2 minutes LOL, I had to convert it in other format etc... I read about one guy it has the same problem

      Well now With files from my iphone some of them it recognize the sound but it doesn't sound I mean you can see there is a wave sound but in some parts there is not sound how come? or is not syncronized... I don't understand... CS6