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    Frans van der Geest Adobe Community Professional

      So, Lightroom 4 has arrived in the Cloud...

      Where is InCopy?

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          I created an idea thread aka feature request on your behalf here:




          Please add your vote and any comments you would like to see included.





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            Frans van der Geest Adobe Community Professional

            Just voted :-)

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              fnegrin Level 1

              I voted on your feature request at  http://forums.adobe.com/ideas/1917


              It is very misleading that the product page for InCopy suggests that you subscribe to Creative Cloud.  It totally misleads you into thinking InCopy is included in Creative Cloud and it is not. In fact the name, InCopy CS6 is crazy considering InCopy is not part of Creative Suite 6 at all.  It is outrageous that it is not.   they really must include it ASAP  both in Creative Suite and Creative Cloud or at least make the InCopy  product page clearer and change the product name to something not including the CS letters. It is borderline false advertising.   It also makes no sense that it is not included as it is a very useful part of InDesign.........  I hope they  add it soon