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    Crop - Front image dimensions



      I have a little problem with the cropping tool in the new CS6 version.

      In CS5 I had the oppotunity to choose "Front image" and the crop tool would copy the dimensions from the chosen image.

      Now I made a mistake and cropped a picture with the wrong dimensions. Ususally I choose "original ratio", but this time I forgot. Then normally in CS5 I just choose one of the other pictures in my workspace (with the original dimensions) and hit the "front image" button, and then I got back the the picture I cropped in the wrong dimenions, and now I could easily crop it with the right dimensions.

      I found another discussion in the forum that answered exactly this question, and it said "Try pressing 'R' in crop mode. It will open Crop Image Size & Resolution window, where you can choose Source: Custom, Front Image, etc."

      But when I press "R" in the crop mode nothing like that comes up. Instead the oppotunity to rotate comes up... :-( Not what I was looking for...

      What to do?


      I work on a PC


      Best regards